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Core Body Instructor Training + Workshops 2016 - 2017
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Overview of Workshops

Applying Laban Movement Analysis to Pilates
Continuing Education Lab for Pilates Instructors
September 24 + 25th, 2016


Foundational Core Workshop
Continuing Education for both Pilates + Yoga instructors
 October 1st + 2nd, 2016


Overview of Certification Courses

Foundational + Essential Mat Pilates Training
October 1st - 22nd, 2016
4 Saturdays + 3 sundays


Essential Reformer + Cadillac Pilates Training
 November 4th - December 11th, 2016
5 Fridays - Sundays


Intermediate Mat Pilates Training
 January 14th, - February 4th, 2017
4 Saturdays + 3 sundays 


Essential Chair Pilates Training
March 4th/5th, 11/12th + April 1/2 + 8th, 2017
4 Saturdays + 3 sundays  (spring break is March 13th - 25th)


Intermediate Reformer + Cadillac Pilates Training
May 12th - June 11th, 2017  5 Fridays - Sundays



Young woman practicing in a yoga studio. This is called flipped dog.

Applying Laban Movement Analysis to Pilates with Anita Seiz
Continuing education Lab for Pilates Instructors:  Pilates Mat + Reformer/Cadillac work

Anita Seiz, Movement Educator - utilizes Pilates and the framework of Laban Movement Analysis.

Anita has been applying Laban Movement Analysis to the Pilates repertoire since
2008 - this broad and deep approach to observing, discussing and cueing
movement serves up endless reflection and possibility for our Pilates teaching
and practice.
Come join her for this fun and inspiring Pilates lab!
We will be applying Laban Movement Analysis to the equipment and mat
repertoire with these principles and concepts:
· Weight Sensing
· Initiation and Sequencing
· Intent - Body/Effort/Shape/Space
· Phrasing
· Exertion/Recuperation
· Mobility/Stability
· Function/Expression
· Inner/Outer

Date: Saturday September 24th + Sunday September 25th, 2016

Time: 11am - 3pm - 8 hours total

Location: CoreBody studio in Edgemont Village North Vancouver, B.C.

Cost: $200.00 tax included  Deposit: $50.00 by September 10th, 2016

Early Bird Special:  save $25 with an early bird rate of $175  if this total payment is received by September 5th, 2016

We accept Visa, Master Card, Cheque (CoreBody) or cash. Taxes are included within the pricing above.

Registration contact: Stephanie Roberts -
604-916-9335 / 


Foundational Core Workshop with Anita Seiz

This workshop is appropriate for both new and seasoned movement instructors as a solid review of the following learning objectives below. Anita's approach of foundational core work can be applied to all forms of movement.
Learning Objectives
  • The deep connections of breath support, core support, organ support and spinal tone are accessible if we quiet down the outer turning into the inner core.  Accessing core connections helps to free up our joints, facilitating free and fluid movement.
  • Learn the differences between deep and superficial tissues, moving through ways of accessing the diaphragm, transversus abdomominus, multifidus, pelvic floor, psoas and all the organs (contents) within the abdomen, bringing awareness to our inner landscape sensing on another level.
  • Learn key foundational +  functional movement concepts that can be integrated into your practise as well as to share with your students if you teach.
Date:  Saturday October 1st , 2016

Time: 11am - 4pm - 5 hours total
Location: CoreBody studio in Edgemont Village North Vancouver, B.C.
Cost: $1250.00 tax included  Deposit: $25.00 by September 5th, 2016
Early Bird Special:  save $25 with an early bird rate of $100  if this total payment is received by September 5th, 2016

We accept Visa, Master Card, Cheque (CoreBody) or cash. Taxes are included within the pricing above.
Registration contact: Stephanie Roberts -



Beautiful woman is stretching her upper side of the bodygym woman pilate instructor stretching in reformer bed 

Mat Pilates Instructor Training

Foundational + Essential Mat -33 Hours

Time: 10am -3pm - 5 hours per day

Dates: Oct 1 - 22nd ,2016

4 Saturdays: Oct 1, 8, 15, 22

3 Sundays: Oct 2, 9, 16

Pricing: $1,320 CAD + 5% GST  Deposit: $250 by September 5th, 2016


Reformer + Cadillac Instructor Training

Essential Apparatus - 60 Hours

Time: Noon - 4pm

Dates: November 4 - December 11th, 2016

x5 Fridays - Sundays Nov 4 - 6, 18 - 20, 25-27, Dec 2-4 + 9 -11th

Pricing: $2,800 CAD + 5% GST  Deposit: $250 by October 3rd, 2016


Mat Pilates Instructor Training 
Intermediate Repertoire- 33 hours

Time: 10am – 3pm  - 5 hours per day

Dates: 4 Sats: January 14, 21, 28, February 4th + 3 Sun: January 15, 22, 29th, 2017

Pricing:  $1,380 CAD Deposit December 17th, 2016


Chair Pilates Training 
Essential Repertoire 33 hours

Time: 10am – 3pm  - 5 hours per day

Dates: 4 Saturdays + 3 Sundays: March 4/5, 11/12 & April 1/2, 8th, 2017
(Spring Break – March 13th- 25th, 2017 based on NVSD)

Pricing:  $1,380 CAD + 5% GST   Deposit: $250 by February 18th, 2017

Reformer + Cadillac Training 60 hours
Intermediate Repertoire

Time: Noon - 4pm

Dates: x5 Fridays – Sundays:  May 12 – 14, 19 – 21, 26 – 28th + June 2 – 4, 9 – 11th, 2017

Pricing: $2,800 CAD + 5% GST Deposit: $250 by April 21st, 2017


Registration Form
If you are interested in joining us we will send you a registration form to complete.
Studio contact:  Stephanie Roberts
Studio line/Text: 604-916-9335 or


Certification Course Descriptions + Learning Objectives


Mat Pilates Instructor Training - Description + Learning Objectives

This 33 hour course includes 8 hours of Spinal Analysis + 25 hours of Pilates Mat Fundamentals + Essential Repertoire. Anita Seiz will facilitate the repertoire, and Stephanie Roberts the spinal analysis with Chiropractor Dr. David Olsen. See further details, course description and bios below.

Registration Form
If you are interested in joining us we will send you a registration form to complete.
Studio contact:  Stephanie Roberts
Studio line: 604-916-9335 or

Mat Course Description + Learning Objectives

Spinal Analysis: 8 hours
Learning Objectives + Benefits

  • Learn the different curves of the spine, posture types + muscular imbalances.
  • Further develop your observational skills to assess a client through a step by step postural analysis.
  • Review appropriate exercises to restore balance and optimal posture will ensure client retention.
  • Better understand twisted spines/pelvises aka. scoliosis and how to work with this particular imbalance within Intermediate Mat Training.
  • Better understand Sciatica + Disk Herniation and form appropriate programs for these clients.
  • When to advise a client get an assessment from a professional physiotherapist or chiropractor.
  • Better communication with these professionals based on your initial and continued observations.

 Pilates Mat Repertoire:  25 hours

Understanding the Pilates Method as an approach to movement from a place of postural support layering the following:

  • Optimal Spinal Alignment + Assessment of Postural Imbalances.
  • Pilates Principles of muscular stabilization and center-line integration.
  • Diaphragmatic Breath work with Pelvic Floor, Transversus Abdominis + Multifidi engagement.
  • Learn boney-landmarks and muscular engagement in relationship to movement of the spine in flexion, extension + rotation.

This foundational mat repertoire integrates the classical style of Pilates essential exercises that both support and challenge the stabilizing postural muscles for optimum stability + mobility.
As instructors from diverse backgrounds we incorporate the fundamentals of the Pilates Method utilizing techniques of yield; connect / sense / grounding  + push / reach /pull that underlie all movement structure. 

Intermediate Foundations
Intermediate foundational exercises move clients through a framework that is more challenging by de-stabilizing their platform as we lessen the base of support requiring more dynamic inner support. Here we also add more sophisticated chains of movement. 

Reformer + Cadillac Instructor Training - Description + Learning Objectives
This 60 hour course includes 50 Hours of Pilates apparatus based training with an additional 10 hours of Spinal Analysis + Client Programing.
Fundamentals, Essentials + Intermediate Foundational work is introduced in this instructor Training course with Anita Seiz, and Stephanie Roberts See further details and course description below.


Trainer Background + Bios

Stephanie Roberts opened CoreBody in the summer of 2003 where she offers clients both private and group based pilates classes.  Over the past decade, Stephanie has loved teaching clients to find the balance between stability and mobility to find core strength and alignment from within.  Her focus is on a client's development of the core strength they need, and the mobility they deserve.

Initially STOTT certified , 5 years later Stephanie took Anita’s Seiz’s  ‘Advances in Pilates Technique’, a teacher training in Marie-José Blom-Lawrence’s style of Pilates training. (Long Beach Dance Conditioning).  With over 500 hours of pilates + yoga training Stephanie completed her SOTT pilates mat, reformer and ccb certification in 2001. She completed her Yin Yoga certification with Bernie Clark in 2009.

Anita Seiz is a movement educator. She comes from a background of dance in classical and contemporary styles. She began teaching Pilates 12 years ago having graduated from Boditree’s comprehensive program in 2002. In 2004, she graduated with distinction from Long Beach Dance Conditioning’s Advances in Pilates Technique training under Master Instructor, Marie-Jose Blom. This prompted further study under Eric Franklin, who emphasizes postural and biomechanical imagery techniques – she certified in the Franklin Method in 2005. 

Anita received her certification in Movement Analysis (2008) through the Laban Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS).  She had the rare opportunity to assist and guest instruct on the Laban/Bartenieff and Somatic Studies Canada (LSSC) Vancouver program under the Direction of Janet Kaylo (2009/10). Laban Movement Analysis provides a broad framework through which to observe, cue, and dialogue about movement. Pilates is the application through which she uses Laban Movement Analysis and Re-patterning to expand movement potential.

CoreBody Continuing Education
Future Workshops/Labs

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1. Small Props workshop/barrel workshop with Anita Seiz + Stephanie Roberts

2. Pelvic Floor Part II workshop  with Cathy Waston, Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist
It will be an 8 hour workshop with a review of Part I and the integration of both mat and machine based exercises for both hyper and hypo pelvic floor
3. Discogenic Pain vs Facet Pain Spinal Workshop with David Olsen, Chiropractor
 David has a number of quick ways to determine a client's pain being either disc or facet and how to work with each.


4. Thai Massage + client adjustments w Stephanie Roberts Thai Massage practioner, Certified Pilates Instructor, owner CoreBody

For any mat based movement instructor, as well as adaptation to pilates cadillac work. Learning the basics of Thai massage and client adjustments will offer your clients deeper release work and will result in client retension for those clients that need and enjoy massage!!


 Stay tuned for these upcoming workshop dates with enough interest they will be posted with dates soon!
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If you have feedback, questions or would like to be part of our instructor training and continuing education email Steph at