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Classes: Pilates
Pilates and yoga promote a mind-body focus incorporating balance, flexibility and resistance training. Both will compliment your current fitness program and are designed for all fitness levels. Consistent training can provide the following benefits:
  • core stabilization & improved posture
  • abdominal & back strength
  • build long & lean muscles targeting abs, hips, thighs and buttocks
  • increased flexibility & improved balance
  • reduce upper body tension
If you'd like more information about our classes, or to register for a specific class, fill out our online Class Registration/Request for Info Form.
STOTT Pilates Mat Training
A series of mat-based exercises focusing on stabilization of the body to tone and strengthen core abdominal muscles for support of the lower back and mobility of the spine. Individual attention is provided in small group sessions to achieve proper form and execution. Small groups of 4-6 individuals progress through seasonal sessions lasting between 8 - 12 weeks. Pilates mats are provided at the studio.
Being that we have run our studio for 13 years now, and the market of pilates is more mature, we run a mixed level Mat class on Thursday evenings at 5:15pm for those who are continuing to work on a series of essential and intermediate mat exercises. The focus is on introducing the STOTT method of Pilates, teaching the principles and essential exercises needed to lay a solid foundation. The fundamental Pilates exercises will restore and improve core strength, pelvic floor, postural alignment, balance breathing and relaxation. Being that we have progressive sessions, clients will be challenged through the session from essential into intermediate exercises and modifcations to challenge or modify any exercises is always provided. We utilize flex bands, fitness rings, small balls and BOSU-BALLs to make certain moves more challenging and to help with alignment and execution.
No experience necessary and mats are provided for your convenience.
New to Pilates Mat Training?

For those returning to pilates or new to pilates mat based work an Introduction/Evaluation is highly recommended to understand the foundational Principles of core connectivity, stabilization, breath work and basic repetoire. Focus is on controlled movements, proper alignment and how to transition from one exercise to the next. Small Pilates equipment is incorporated to work abdominals, inner thighs, hamstrings and buttocks and challenge balance and core stabilizers.

If you are interested in a private evaluation to return to this work after a longer period off or are new to the pilates method please contact 604-916-9335 or info@corebody.ca. We offer an intro privates package for those in need of more one on one attention.

STOTT Pilates Reformer Training
Apparatus based exercise is utilized on our pilates machines with spring-loaded resistance working the whole body synergistically. Learn the essential and intermediate series of exercises based on a mix of STOTT, and Classical style pilates methods. Derived from Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s, the pilates method is a progressive approach that is both safe and effective. The machine based apparatus training includes: Reformer, Cadillac and Chair based work and focuses on specific breath patterns, proper alignment, core stabilization, as well as muscular endurance training. Our studio has 4 reformer/half cadillac machines from Balanced Body and 3 STOTT split-peddle chairs to utilize in any apparatus group class or privates. Our instructors have been trained in either the STOTT method of Pilates and or the Classical style and some both! Many of our instructors have been with CoreBody for over a decade or between 5 - 10 + years now therefore you will be sure to have solid experience behind your guided classes.
Apparatus Based Training - Reformer, Cadillac, Chair

Those new to the pilates method and or machine based "apparatus" training, must begin with private sessions. The number will be dependent upon your previous mat experience and discussed with the instructor who can assess your level. Most new clientele start with our 1st evaluation and take our intro package of 5 privates all at a reduced rate to see clients roll into this work (literally)!

From here if you are interested in a group apparatus environment, you will be placed in a small groups of 3-4 individuals to progress through the essential exercises. We try our best to make good matches between your schedules, and your experience levels. Many of our clients now have been with CoreBody for more than a decade wtihin the same groups as they enjoy their groups this much!

Those with more experience will progress from essential work into intermediate level training whereby there is an understanding of and can proficiently perform all essential exercises. Muscle flexibility, core abdominal strength, coordination and balance are challenged at this level.

Pilates group apparatus based training is by appointment only and for those with apparatus experience. If you have either taken 4 private sessions with CoreBody and or have prior experience on the reformer, cadillac, and chair this may be the perfect opportunity for you to join a group appartus session!
Those interested should contact Stephanie Roberts by email at info@corebody.ca, or phone at 604-916-9335, as soon as possible to ensure every opportunity is taken to find an appropriate group to join people with the same apparatus experience. CoreBody can't guarantee group classes, but will do their best to accommodate client schedules.
Peapod Pilates
Many of the Pilates exercises can be used to benefit the expectant mother, enabling her to maintain good posture, and alleviate some of the recurrent aches and pains, as her body changes through each stage of the pregnancy. In both pre & postnatal classes the core foundational principles of Pilates will help to improve core strength, pelvic floor strength, postural alignment, balance, breathing and relaxation.

Performing certain STOTT™ Pilates exercises on the reformer, cadillac, and split-pedal chair apparatuses, is the most effective and safe type of pilates as these machines allow the pregnant woman to stand, kneel or sit and to continue exercising after her 1st trimester. This workout incorporates bilateral, unilateral and reciprocal movement variations to help challenge core stability and balance muscular strength. Specific modifications will be necessary as the posture changes, and the relaxin hormone is produced by the end of the first trimester. With the apparatus’ spring-loaded resistance, the focus is on specific breath patterns, and proper alignment.

All new prenatal clients are required to submitt a doctors note prior to an evaluation and or joining a group class stating that you have been experiencing a healthy pregnancy thus far and you are permitted to join a prenatal apparatus based class for the duration of your pregancy. Those interested in a prenatal private evaluation and or group class should contact Stephanie Roberts by email at info@corebody.ca, or phone at 604-916-9335.

We run our prenatal apparatus based classes on Mondays 7:30pm and Thursdays 6:30pm. We only take 4 clients maximum per class and classes run with a minimum of 2 clients.

Postnatal helps to re-gain the core strength in the abdominals as the mother works towards a safe and effective recovery- taking into account any added injuries or imbalances. Easing back into her Pilates practice, the new mother has given herself time for her abdominal muscles to recover prior to joining a postnatal Pilates Mat class. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 6 weeks and possibly longer depending on the specifics of your delivery. These mat-based classes focus on the STOTT principles of Pilates and stabilization of the body to tone and strengthen core abdominal muscles for support of the lower back and re-gaining core strength.