Month: April 2017

Spring Weather. Spring-based training.

Here’s hoping the weather continues to become spring-like as its now April and we deserve it!

Regardless of the weather .. those of you joining us for apparatus based pilates, are experiencing the spring-based training of both the cadillac . reformer equipment.

The resistance and proprioception they provide is unique to any other workout including weight training.

Pilates apparatus based work is moving in relationship to the reformer and cadillac springs, both concentrically and eccentrically…the muscular focus is changed by the breath and the weight of the springs as they open and close.
A lighter spring can be so much more challenging to control stability and movement whereas a heavier spring choice can either be more challenging or more supportive.

Springs have a wonderful spiral-like, three-dimensionality that reflects qualities we have have in our bodies. Moving with the support and or challenge of the apparatus springs, we create a constant negotiation…

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