Month: August 2017

Sadhana – Taking a cue from yoga…

Fall is the perfect time to start a pilates or yoga sadhana.

Sadhana, a traditional yoga practise whereby one “endeavors to obtain a particular result”…. as in a daily
or weekly yoga or pilates practise.

When the seasons change, the kids are back in school, and Fall settles in, it is a perfect opportunity to create a sadhana.

The first stage of sadhana is to choose a practise. Then you choose a time commitment for your practice such as 90 days along with specific times. You may come to pilates every Tuesday at 9:15am and yoga every Friday at 9:30am, or you may meditate and journal every morning at 6:00am.

Many of you already come to classes, however it is the intention of choosing to be there every Tuesday or every morning….that makes it a sadhana.

You make your choice, and it becomes part of your schedule, a routine and…

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