Month: February 2018

All About That Base… Pilates for Your Backside

long spine
Please forgive, as I am about to share something that may shock and appall: Getting lifted, strong buttocks / bottom doesn’t come from what you may think it does. It 100% does not come from squeezing your seat, buns, butt, or buttocks.
Why? Because it doesn’t work. Sorry.
The glutes stabilize your pelvis, allowing you to stand, hinge over from the hips, and move you forward as in walking, hiking, biking etc…so there are many reasons to want strong glutes!
If looking better in your jeans and ending hip pain are goals, then there is a good reason to read on!
When one thinks of Pilates, many believe it is all about the core…from the pelvic floor, and transverse abdominals to your low, mid, upper abdominals. This is true, however the core also includes your back body as well as your hips and glutes!
What makes…

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What will it be this New Year?  Intentions vs Resolutions

porta bra deep cove

This is the time of year many use as a jumping off point for resolutions, and though I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions, it is a time many of us hit the re-set button on various areas of our lives.

In my experience, New Years Resolutions are not only nearly always broken which then makes the failed resolver feel guilty, but they are usually guilt-inspired, too.  Guilt is not a good educator. Guilt does not inspire. Resolutions usually fail. If you’re the one person reading this who says “My resolutions don’t fail” then I applaud you! Go for it! But you are one of not-so-many.

A wise client said to me last week that they believe in “intentions” and I liked it! From both a Pilates  and Yoga perspective, setting intentions for your practise weekly or longer-term can be inspiring.

So on this “intentions” idea, I say forget the resolutions. Together we…

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