Month: May 2018

The Pilates “Shake” …friend or foe?!

The Pilates shake improves dynamic core stability

Pilates is designed to strengthen what is weak and lengthen what is tight. It is about posture, and core stabilizing muscles.

What does it mean though when you’re feeling that tremor or shaking in your abdominals when on the long or short box in round back flexion or in neutral alignment hinging back half way? Or when you’re on the 2nd side of standing side splits and your inner thighs are shaking? Is this uncontrollable shaking your friend or foe?!

Shaking Muscles are Fatiguing

Firstly, shaking muscles are fatiguing muscles. If you’ve reached/achieved the shaky point you’ve pushed your muscles to the limit…the shake is not necessarily a bad thing though within limits of course!   Whether you’re new to Pilates or seasoned, it’s inevitable you’ll experience the Pilates shake! And you should welcome it. In fact you should aim for the shake as it is the holy…

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Pain in the Neck?! Pilates trains for effective movement patterns

Short Spine Deep Cove

Hips Up…Shoulders Back! 

There are many reasons to keep your shoulders on your back.  Even more reasons than the obvious:  Because they belong on your back…not on your front. 

Millions of people suffer from neck and shoulder tension. It can build up from poor posture, excessive sitting, poor movement patterns, over use, and general stress or anxiety.


The muscles around your shoulder blades and rib cage serve as a postural role for your upper body. Movement of the arms is also contingent on strong functioning of these shoulder blade muscles in conjunction with the rotator cuff muscles.


Through specific movement patterns, Pilates can teach you how to effectively use these muscles, thus reducing strain on the shoulder joint and rotator cuff, and your neck. And since Pilates emphasizes a whole-body focus, it will increase your awareness of how you use your neck muscles in relation to your shoulders and back, which further enhances your posture…

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