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Keep Your Shoulder Blades On Your Back, Where They Belong!

The muscles around your shoulder blades and rib cage called Serratus Anterior serve as a postural role for your upper body, keeping your shoulder blades on your back, where they belong!

Our hand to back connection, engages front body to back body with the Serratus Anterior muscles providing “shoulder girdle stability”. Without shoulder stability, clients suffer from neck and shoulder tension,… Read More »

Love on the “Side Lines”

Reasons to Love The Lateral Line

There are many reasons to love both working and stretching the lateral line of the side body.  One of the main reasons being, that most of us live a good portion of our waking lives in the sagittal plane of flexion and extension.  

TRX Training Elevates Pilates

Pilates TRX Pike on Reformer

TRX Training – What it is

TRX training uses body weight and gravity in suspension as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and joint stability.  It involves functional movements to increase overall core engagement.

TRX Method of Movement and Training Benefits

  • Suitable for all levels with appropriate exercises;
  • Progressions depend on… Read More »

Good Posture + Core Strength Increase Your Flexibility

Parakeet on Cadillac

Posture and strength effects the mobility of your joints and your flexibility over all.  Your larger peripheral muscles are not the only reason you are tight!

Joints, core strength and the length of your muscles effect your range of flexibility and mobility.

Skeletal or postural muscles facilitate bone and joint actions, which dictate range of… Read More »

The Anatomy of The Pilates Roll-Up

Reasons to love Ab Prep, Hip Rolls . Spinal Articulation

The Pilates Roll-up, part of the Intermediate repertoire, can challenge even the most experienced of clients.

The essential preparatory repertoire to this movement, builds the strength and flexibility needed to roll-up and aids in many daily functional movements…so good reason to work on yours, whether you achieve… Read More »