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Advancing your Pilates Practice?

Long spine on Reformer

How Advancing Your Pilates Practice Is Brain-Building

Building the skills to advance your practice and maximize your movement potential IS the reason to love progressions within your Pilates practice!

Joy Puleo, Assistant Director of Balanced Body’s Continuing Education University addressed the question “Why do advanced work?”

In short, advancing your practice at any level is… Read More »

Tensegrity + Integrated Movement

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Oppositional Energy for Balance and Tone

In Pilates, integration means that no one muscle is solely performing just one movement.   All of our muscles are working all of the time(whether we know it or not), says my mentor Shari Berkowitz who is a Bio-mechanical specialist and Pilates trainer of teachers.

The importance of muscular integration is to… Read More »

Re: Abs.

Pilates Builds Strong Abdominals, Essential To A Strong Practice.

Strong healthy abdominals are essential to building a strong Pilates practice, and a mindful connection with our breath, alignment and low abdominals is key to building them!

Strengthening The Abdominals Requires The Following:

  • Aligning to a neutral spine pulls the abdominals in automatically;
  • Learning to release/ relax the abs helps… Read More »

Keep Your Shoulder Blades On Your Back, Where They Belong!

 Pilates Builds Shoulder Strength . Stability

The muscles around your shoulder blades and rib cage called Serratus Anterior serve as a postural role for your upper body, and keep your shoulder blades on your back, where they belong!

The Serratus Anterior muscles help with good shoulder positioning or as we often say in Pilates “shoulder girdle stability”. Without shoulder stability,… Read More »

The Long + Short of Your Hamstrings

Pilates Helps Build Strong . Pliable Hamstrings

Healthy Hamstrings Lead to Improved Posture, Walking and Injury Prevention.

There are three hamstring muscles that literally hang from your sits bones to your lower leg bones. This group of muscles has a direct effect on hips and knees. When the hamstrings are healthy, both strong and long, they play a… Read More »