Instructor Training at CoreBody Studio

Pilates Training in a small group environment

Any instructor who has taken training in a large group group environment knows this….the experience is quite different from a boutique space.

The benefit of a small group training environment: 
The main difference being time; more time for questions and or reflection, more time for practise and more time for variations of different exercises.

Some of you on this instructor client list have already experienced training with Anita Seiz and myself…so you know the value of small group training!

We are running our training out of my boutique space in Deep Cove and LOVE the opportunity to connect in a small space whereby instructors and instructors to be, can connect more easily to us due to group-size and just our general approach to the work.

Anita, who is a valued colleague of mine, and I are open to all forms/methods of pilates as those of you who are currently teaching know…Pilates is Pilates.

When Joe created the chair in the late 1920’s he numbered the exercises versus naming them. Apparently according to Cara Reeser (a 2nd generation master trainer), who worked directly with Kathy Grant a disciple of Joe himself….there was a bit of a kuffufle? (is this a word? !) as to the 1st /2nd generation master trainers trying to come to an agreement as to naming the chair exercises later on…!  As those of you who teach know…this just didn’t happen.

As Cara said to those of us in Chicago at Pilates on Tour this month….who cares?!  Teach what you know to be the exercise/work and move on! …I couldn’t agree more!

Either way, the bottom-line is this…if you are looking for a small group environment to take your training from and you’re not concerned about having your certification come from one of the large corporations (which you may if you are traveling or planning to work /teach abroad…), you may want more attention to the work you are paying for, then CoreBody Instructor training could be for you!

We are local, and we are available to chat with you online or via phone call to discuss any course/workshop we are running .

Please feel free to email or call me directly and if you should want to chat with Anita I will make that connection/introduction to her for you!

For those we have taught in the past…Anita and I are looking forward to hosting you once again should the dates, and timing work within your schedules/lives!