Our Studio

At CoreBody Pilates + Yoga Inc. we have created a relaxing and welcoming environment encouraging people of all fitness levels to incorporate pilates + yoga into their fitness programs. Both disciplines promote a mind-body focus on balance, flexibility and resistance training that allow you to build the core strength and flexibility you need for all your other daily activities and sports you love to do!

We look forward to having clients who are new to pilates and yoga as well as those who currently practice these disciplines. Our objective with each session is to offer a rewarding experience for those who train with us – to ensure you understand the principles and how to incorporate these into your practice for safe and effective exercise.

Our Deep Cove space is a boutique environment in that we offer small group classes; no more than 4 in an apparatus based (pilates machines) class and our mat classes range from 5 – 8 clients so that we can give optimum attention to alignment and form.

Depending on your goals, and your schedule, there are a number of ways to work with us. Contact us or see below for our studio options from group classes to personalized programs, through one-on-one training class descriptions under pilates and yoga for the focus and level of the class.

  • Pilates + Yoga group apparatus and mat based classes with flexible monthly payment options.
  • Privates, and semi-privates with flexible monthly payment options.
  • Welcoming environment with certified instruction
  • Register online for your Pilates and Yoga session here.
  • Hours of operation are by appointment and scheduled classes.