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Reasons To Love Bridging

 Functional Movement That Builds Core + THASS Strength

Bridging is a functional and foundational exercise found within the Pilates repertoire  that builds core + THASS (where your thigh meets your glutes) strength and are a great movement to work your posterior chain – the muscles down the backside of your body; hence the reason to LOVE them!

Bridging is a closed chain, weight-bearing exercise, which increases muscular strength of the hip extensors, lengthens hip flexor length, improves your hip mobility, trunk stability, posture and core stability for every day functional movements.

Bridging is part of the 5 functional movements that should be incorporated into our Pilates classes along with planks, squats, lunges, + trunk integration.

Pilates Bridging Exercises engage your THASS with breath and belly as you root through your feet either on the mat, feet on the foot bar on the reformer, the push thru bar on the Cadillac when sprung from below, and the peddles on the chair when supine on the floor.

Muscles that Bridging Target

  • Calves
  • Back thighs (hamstrings)
  • All your three glute muscles: maximus, medius and minimus
  • Lower back
  • Core
  • Internal oblique, external oblique, and erector spinae muscles.

Benefits of Bridging

  • Strengthens the core transverse abdominous, rectus abdominous, and obliques;
  • Strengthens and tones glutes, lower back, and the core;
  • Hip and knee extension;
  • Hip bridges safely and powerfully work the back muscles;
  • defines your waistline because it targets your six-pack and works the obliques as well;
  • Improves posture;
  • Spinal flexibility;
  • It helps to stretch your neck, chest and spine;
  • Improve balance;
  • Decreases knee and back pain.

Your Bottom-line is a Reason to Love Bridging!

Bridging builds core + THASS, working the posterior chain of your back and hip extensors, lengthens your hip flexors, improves hip mobility, trunk stability and posture for functional movements, hence the reason to LOVE them!

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