The Kirks

I have had the unique experience this year of doing an apparatus (reformer) pilate’s class with my husband and daughter.

Five years ago a good friend introduced me to Stephanie and I joined a Friday morning Yin Yoga / Pilates Mat class which continues to be the highlight of my Fridays. My good friend was doing private reformer classes and tweaked my interest, so last spring I started taking private reformer classes with Stephanie. My daughter was looking for a form of exercise that worked the entire body (core), and improved her posture for work , so decided to also try the reformer at the Edgemont Studio.

When Stephanie mentioned she was going to offer group apparatus (reformer) classes at her Deep Cove Studio, my daughter and I were keen. My husband was looking for a fitness program to help with his back and allow him to keep playing softball. He was willing to try something new.

That takes us to now, one hour a week Stephanie (fantastic instructor), keeps all three of us working non-stop. She amazes us how she has us all doing exercise movements, at our own individual levels, demonstrating when necessary, and correcting our techniques as needed.

There are times when we share laughter (e.g. when two of us are on the left and the third person is on their other left!), and times when we are amazed at who can do what.

The three of us recommend and encourage family members to try apparatus pilates. We all see an improvement in our core strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. We appreciate Stephanie’s expertise, knowledge, and cheerful instructional mannerism. All three of us look forward to class and leave feeling better than when we arrived.

Donna Kirk

Alasdair Douglas

Pilates eh? I never would have thought it would be for me. 
I am a 55 yr old guy, not hugely physically active, but i like to ski, hike, and i walk about an hour a day. 

In the summer of 2016 my metatarsal arch collapsed in my right foot and i could barely walk. 
On top of that i had tennis elbow in both elbows and had aches and pains in both knees. 
But my foot meant I couldn’t  walk so I went to see a Podiatrist. She quickly assessed me and informed me that my problems with my food had more to do with my tight calves and achilles than my foot. In fact in her opinion most of my aches and pains were derivative of the same problem. I was now over 50 and my muscles were shrinking and tightening and this was creating all my pain. In her opinion what i needed was regular stetting and she recommended Pilates or Yoga, i needed to stretch out my muscles, ligaments, and tendons to counter the aging process. And so i decided that Yoga seemed a little too much twisting for me, so I’d try Pilates first. 

Research quickly lead me to Corebody and after a call with Stephanie, i knew she would be the one to try out. 
A candid, straight-shooter, who seemed to know her stuff, and funny to boot. 
Clearly my decision was the right choice. 

After an initial assessment the first thing Stephanie did was line me up with her brilliant Physio, Anne. 
They put together a structured program for me and within a month i was able to walk with little to no pain, and with no orthotics! 
Within a couple of months, all my aches and pains were virtually gone, and i was able to stop the physio. 

I was able to keep up a regular program with Stephanie, which had become a part of my weekly routine. 
I did stop for a couple of months due to a work opportunity, and not to my surprise my foot started to hurt again soon after. 
So i quit my job, and I’m back at regular pilates. (LOL.. Job wasn’t for me:)

So happy to be back at Pilates and looking forward to starting a group program in the near future. Oh and can’t wait for my first MELT session in October! 

BTW, I’ve overcome by buddies ‘….pilates…?” comments, as they are all getting stiff, and walk like old men. And I’m not. 

Thanks Steph! 

Alasdair Douglas

Sandra Beckter

I discovered CoreBody Pilates and Yoga Studio with a postcard in the mail announcing that Stephanie Roberts was opening a studio in Deep Cove. When I learned she has been operating a successful studio in Edgemont Village with over 10 years experience, I was keen to give it a try. Pilates has been a love of mine for years, but I was feeling stuck with my current classes.

Where to start? The studio is warm and inviting with top notch equipment armed with an instructor who knows how to get the most out of every bit of it. Stephanie’s wide breadth of knowledge is quickly evident including anatomy and physiology with many exercises to draw from with the ability to modify them to suit my specific body and its needs. Instruction is always clear with demonstrations and gentle corrections/reminders if needed. Best of all, the classes are so much fun. I find I look forward to them and was very disappointed when I had to miss one with the snow.

My story involves a car accident in Feb 2013 followed by wicked whiplash and its accompanying pain. I think I have tried it all to learn to deal with some chronic issues (physio, massage, acupuncture, IMS, chiropractor, Alexander Technique, psychologist) but have found working with Stephanie to be extremely helpful. Over this Christmas break with no classes and probably too much time on the couch, I have experienced a return of increased pain. And this is okay, because I am confident when my classes start up next week, I will see it decrease. This is very comforting and helps my emotional health knowing I can deal with this.

My time with Steph includes a one hour private class, a 3 person group apparatus class, and a 90 minute pilates/yoga combo class. I have also treated myself to a Melt class involving yin yoga and massage.

As I mentioned in my opening, I am very familiar with pilates, having had many instructors in the past. None compare to Steph! Thank you, Stephanie for your knowledge, compassion, and love of pilates/yoga/massage/relaxation. It has contributed in such a big way to my healing and decreasing my chronic pain. And the bonus? I have become stronger, more flexible with improved balance while having such fun.

Sandra Beckter

Sandy Koven

Corebody Pilates and Yoga Studio, owned/operated by Stephanie Roberts, was recommended to me by a friend who received weekly private lessons on the pilates apparatus. I had been seeking some sort of replacement exercise when our local Deep Cove Curves gym closed. The typical large and loud community centre classes did not appeal to me. In the early mornings, I was pole-walking with our small group but felt that I really needed a different kind of strength training. Stephanie set up a yoga/pilates mat class for six of us which is where I have been every Friday morning since 2013. The combination of yin and hatha yoga, pilates and core body strength training has proven to be the answer for me. My weight may still go up and down, but overall I am so much physically stronger than I have been in a couple of decades, it seems. The fact that I am capable of balancing in Warrior III makes me proud. I had a very bad piriformis injury which seriously seized up my hips and over time, with Steph’s guidance, this has completely disappeared. As a result, my hips and SI joints are much more mobile.

As an instructor, Stephanie is one of the best! As an educator myself, I can attest to this fact with certainty. She is a well-planned, articulate and dedicated instructor whose knowledge of anatomy, alternate poses, yoga and pilates practices impresses me. Stephanie and her instructors operate only small classes in which attention to proper body alignment in various poses can be properly observed, thus avoiding injury. I appreciate the meditative yoga component of our classes , tempered with laughter as we engage in new poses in Stephanie’s weekly class plan.

In the fall of 2016, when the Deep Cove location expanded, I added a pilates apparatus class to my routine and love the challenge. As I am short-limbed, I find that I am able to complete the exercises without risk of injury as the machines are fully adjustable. Once a month, I have enrolled in the “Melt Monthly” which is a 90-minute combination of yin yoga and massage therapy. There are 6 clients with 2 instructors, Stephanie and Jenn Jordan. I highly recommend this “heavenly” experience.

Sandy Koven

Jen Tompson

Hi there,

I am thrilled to share my story with you!

I started pilates about 10 years ago maybe longer… and after pushing through those first eight training classes learning to breath properly and maintain my pelvic tilt I quickly fell in love with how it allowed me to feel my body. I mean feel each muscle, when it moved along my spine or how I could tell that my head was in alignment or not … shhhh, something I still struggle with by the way.

Fast forward to 2015 when I became pregnant with our first baby girl, Estelle. 

She wasn’t the only surprise, being pregnant was absolutely the biggest change that I have experienced to my body.

As much as I tried to remain active I had recently moved to Deep Cove and with no knowledge of where to go to maintain my practise with assistance, pilates solo at home became a challenge.

Another surprise, Estelle came 5 weeks early and caesarian. The recovery was more than I expected (every woman’s different) and I wasn’t sure if I would ever regain my physical strength when I was doing pilates 2-3 times a week.

The flyer in my mailbox from CORE Pilates was the miracle I was asking for and I jumped at the chance to get back on the reformer. 

One excited call to Steph and I was booked in for my privates. Rehabilitation was coming…

I’m not exactly where I want to be yet but I am well on my way after joining a group class at CORE I’m hoping to join one more in the fall and get back to my 3 days a week.

I absolutely love Steph’s teaching style and the ladies in group are all encouraging.

Take it from me, Pilates is for a long and happy life not to mention those long lean limbs;p

See you all in group!