Chair – Essential Workshop 15 hours

Dates: June 9 -10 + June 16th , 2018

Time: Noon – 5pm

Cost: $690 + tax included  Deposit: $100 by May 21st, 2018
Registration contact: Stephanie Roberts -604-916-9335 / 

Learning Objectives

The Chair developed by Joesph Pilates between 1928 – 1930 was originally developed for home use….it was called the Wunda Chair. Later it was adopted as a useful re-habilitation tool for knee injuries.

The chair is thought to be one of the most challenging pieces of equipment as it has the smallest base of support to work with. The chair allows us to work with clients in multiple planes in space (think vertical), it improves balance, offers dynamic stabilization, and is a go-to piece of equipment for rehab (ACL, Hip and Achillies Tendon issues, for isolated joint training), as well as prenatal and obese clients to feel supported and offers variety in a positive manner for different client conditions.

We will be working with the Balanced Body “Exo split-peddle chair” which offers greater variety for a number of different exercises and focuses.

We will focus on understanding the Pilates Method on chair at an essential level as an approach to movement from a place of postural support layering the following:

  • Learning a portion of the essential based repertoire + utilizing the chair to both support and or challenged clients with spring-based work.
  • Articulation of the spine utilizing the chair, negative space + weight shifting on the chair.
  • Looking at what joints open and close the springs.
  • Moving the load of springs with either distal or proximal focus – limb to torso or torso to limb resisting weight or using the weight to assist clients through the movements.

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