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Chair-based Swan…put your back into it.

Along with our 4 reformers + towers, we now have 4 new chairs to play with during our apparatus-based classes.

Regardless of equipment, spring-based training works to both strengthen and lengthen your muscles. The chair however, demands your focus and attention to proper alignment and is one of the best ways to find your back muscles!

The resistance and proprioception the chair provides for the back line is a great way to engage the multifidus muscles that run along your spine. With exercises like scapular stabilization and mid-back work with the swan pictured above, it encourages your back line support!

Essentially the chair though small, offers large results! A champion of the apparatus based work for vertical pilates the chair challenges your balance, alignment and coordination with exercises that are both compound (arms, abs, and legs) as well as isolating core stabilizers.

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