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The most important repetition…

Which is the most important repetition? The first? The last?

Well, I guess the perfect answer is: All of them are equally important. However, this month I want to discuss the one that everyone dismisses. Perhaps the most important…especially this time of year….

The Last Repetition. The Final Repetition.

Yes. That final repetition in your set. You do eight, sometimes ten repetitions. What happens to that final repetition? Often times…it fades off into nothing-ness.. It gets lost like the end of a sentence. Does anyone care about The Final Repetition?

Perhaps after this article you will!

Repetition Number One
The first repetition of an exercise sets the stage. As an instructor I will see what you have taken from previous sessions, previous exercises of the day, previous cues.

It’s the starting zone that lays the groundwork for all other repetitions of that exercise.

Repetition Number Two
If my clients are not executing what I’m looking for I will re-cue so everyone can be on the same page!

Repetition Number Three to five
Here you’ve got more time to refine your form, and alignment to really get into this exercise and feel the muscular engagement.

The Final Three Repetitions
Often, a remarkable thing seems to happen in the final three repetitions…I will see clients drop off in the middle or end of what I”d consider a strong set.

I know people are tired at this time of year…its darker + colder! You could be distracted by work or creating a grocery list, hungry or …a plethora of things… (I know I”ve done it myself) ! You may need a modification, or weight adjustment which is an easy fix.

But being a huge advocate for proper form and alignment…. when form fades, I often say take a break + re-group. However, I do try to encourage hanging in there if appropriate, as nothing feels better than achieving more than you thought you could!

My mantra is “keep your mind in the moment”! These are meant to be words of encouragement, and I believe most take them as such.

So the next time you’re fading fast….but you physically do not have a reason you shouldn’t try to finish strongly ….keep your mind in the moment and finish it strongly!

It is so great to see clients pulling through a WHOLE set of well aligned and executed exercises…that ROCKS…in my little corner of the world anyway!

Both Shelley and I want you to see progress, and feel the results you should from your pilates and yoga sessions…so ….every exercise has a last repetition…make it count !

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