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Sadhana – Taking a cue from yoga…

Fall is the perfect time to start a pilates or yoga sadhana.

Sadhana, a traditional yoga practise whereby one “endeavors to obtain a particular result”…. as in a daily
or weekly yoga or pilates practise.

When the seasons change, the kids are back in school, and Fall settles in, it is a perfect opportunity to create a sadhana.

The first stage of sadhana is to choose a practise. Then you choose a time commitment for your practice such as 90 days along with specific times. You may come to pilates every Tuesday at 9:15am and yoga every Friday at 9:30am, or you may meditate and journal every morning at 6:00am.

Many of you already come to classes, however it is the intention of choosing to be there every Tuesday or every morning….that makes it a sadhana.

You make your choice, and it becomes part of your schedule, a routine and from a yogic perspective, a spiritual practise with this commitment. So choice and regularity are key factors of sadhana.

The challenge of sadhana, is sticking with it, not missing your practise whatever it may be. The learning aspect is noticing the level of your success of not missing and learning to put your practise as a priority.

….we all go through ebbs and flows of different practises floating in and out of specific commitments when the timing is right.

I have found when I choose to come back to my mat or machine or a specific class I enjoy with regularity within my schedule…I’m ALWAYS happy I did make that choice, as the benefit mind + body far outweighs missing it!

From the kriyas Yoga perspective, formulating a specific sadhana allows one to “evolve and grow spiritually”, as an intention was created through one’s aspirations. …”This is all I have to do for the benefit of self, and remember who I am.”

Perhaps you will start a Sadhana this Fall!

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