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TRX Training Elevates Pilates

Pilates TRX Pike on Reformer

TRX Training – What it is

TRX training uses body weight and gravity in suspension as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and joint stability.  It involves functional movements to increase overall core engagement.

TRX Method of Movement and Training Benefits

  • Suitable for all levels with appropriate exercises;
  • Progressions depend on foot position and body angles;
  • Improves strength, balance, posture, coordination and proprioception;
  • Engages the whole body and is low impact;
  • Deepens muscular stretching with the sling without upper torso, shoulder or wrist load;
  • Helps to identify certain imbalances side to side and upper to lower body;
  • Mountain Climbers, pikes and planks improve cardio when executed at tempo speed;
  • Challenges the entire body in all planes of motion to build lean, toned muscle.

Pilates TRX Training

Within a Pilates private or group class we integrate TRX suspension training that incorporates the benefits of the TRX training method, utilizing springs and yoga slings on the tower. It requires full body integration.

Unique Benefits of Pilates TRX

  • Spring-based tension provides concentric + eccentric resistance;
  • Further Identify and improve imbalances with independently sprung springs;
  • Load can be managed with spring positions;
  • Progressions are managed using the non-moving surface of the Cadillac vs the moving surface of the reformer;
  • Using yoga slings deepens muscular stretching taking load off shoulders + wrists.
  • Pilates TRX is fun, different and supports our Pilates practices.
Pilates TRX Side Plank on Reformer

Long-term Effects of TRX Training 

The American Council on Exercise commissioned a study of healthy men and women (from 21 to 71 years old) to look at the long-term effects of TRX training as below:

  • About 400 calories burned per TRX session;
  • Significant decreases in waist circumference, body fat %, + blood pressure;
  • Improvement in muscle strength and endurance;
  • Greater abdominal activation with TRX planks than traditional planks;
  • Improvement in BMI, gait, speed, and handgrip strength in older adults.

“Anything where you’re forced to handle your bodyweight in space is beneficial in enhancing one’s functional capability, including balance and core stability” says Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D. and ACE Chief Science Officer.

Spring-Sling Pilates TRX Training IS The Bomb!

Introducing the yoga slings into my studios a decade ago, injected Pilates TRX suspension into our Pilates spring-based sessions helping to further build our functional strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, joint stability and deepen our stretches!

Pilates TRX Single Thigh Stretch on Cadillac
Downward Facing Dog on Cadillac with Yoga Sling

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