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What makes you smile?


Many see smiling simply as an involuntary response to things that bring you joy or laughter.
The pure joy of movement, doing yoga or pilates can bring you that moment of “M-OMMM” (me-omm time)…just getting away from your every day life, work and commitments can give you the re-charging factor you need to be the “best-you”!
Studies have shed light on how the act of smiling can elevate your mood and the mood of those around you.
Still others have found a strong link between

good health, longevity, and smiling.

Most importantly, studies have shown that just the act of smiling  can have both short- and long-term benefits on people’s health and wellbeing. (health website –


  • Relieves stress, elevates your mood + is contagious
  • Lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system
  • Allows you to stay positive
  • Makes you attractive + look younger

* The world of pilates and yoga both can be VERY detailed and focused work…but taking a moment to chill and laugh in class IOHO (In Our Humble Opinion) can be good for your health and your practises!

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